The Avon Approach

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive and socially accountable company. We work hard to make an impact on our society on the whole by indulging in programs and activities that help in the betterment of communities. Avon offers the expertise of a large organization while giving its employees the comfort of a tightly knit one. Our employees have shared their thoughts on the principles that they would like to strictly adhere to. This list of principles is "The Avon Approach".

The principles listed are:

We are Avon first and individuals later.
Whatever happens we will stick to ethical selling and we will not indulge in any unethical practices even if our competitors may do so.
We are more like family than an organization.
Our advice should benefit everyone who trusts us.
We will be courteous at all times.
We will innovate, create and recreate to prove to the market that we are different.
We will always adhere to our Code of Ethics and we will never find ourselves in a situation where others may question our integrity.
We will continue to build Avon and we will grow along with the company.
We will be competitive, aggressive and ambitious and we will not cower in the face of competition.
We will respect all our colleagues' personal choices, beliefs and tastes.
We are grateful for our mistakes as others will learn from them as well.
We will respect the local authorities and we will abide by all the rules and regulations that have been laid out by the authorities.
We will treat all our colleagues with respect.
We will continue to learn and professionally develop ourselves. Most importantly we will also continue to teach and impart knowledge to our colleagues for the benefit of our company.