Code of Ethics

Avon Insurance Brokers LLC encourages the highest professional and ethical standards in insurance and financial services worldwide.

Employees are obliged to comply with this code. If they do not comply, this may result in Avon taking disciplinary action against the member.

The key values which set the standards for the behavior of all Avon employees in respect of the key stakeholders in section 1 to 5 are:

  1. Behaving with responsibility and integrity in their professional life and taking into account their wider responsibilities to society as a whole. Acting in a courteous, honest and fair manner towards anyone they deal with. Being trustworthy and never putting their interests or the interests of others above the legitimate interests if their stakeholders;
  2. Complying with all relevant Laws and meeting the requirements of all applicable regulatory authorities, and appropriate codes of practice and codes of conduct.
  3. Demonstrating Professional competence and due care including :
    1. Meeting the technical and professional standards relating to their level of qualification, role and position of responsibility;
    2. Completing their duties with due skill, care and diligence;
  4. Uploading Professional standards in all dealings and relationships;
  5. Respecting the confidentiality of information;
  6. Applying Objectivity in making professional judgments and in giving opinions and statements, not allowing prejudice or bias or the influence of others to override objectivity.

Members should respect the traditions and cultures of each country in which they operate. They should carry out business in any country according to all applicable local Laws, Rules and Regulations. Where there is a conflict between local custom and the values stated above, the code will act as a guide to help members to act professionally.

A member operating in a professional capacity has duties, arising from these key values to a number of different groups. Within these relationships a member should always act ethically and their behavior and conduct should meet the following principles: