In the case of loss from fire, theft or vandalism, business property insurance provides financial assistance to help cover the cost to rebuild or repair business property so that operations can continue with as little disruption as possible. This includes compensation to repair damaged business property or replace what you've lost.Costs to replace or repair damaged physical business property and assets can be staggering. If it would be financially draining to replace your business property should it be damaged or destroyed, you should consider insuring your business property.Business property insurance protects your business against physical damage to, or loss of, your assets. Assets include the domain in which your business operates and its property (i.e., computers and inventory).
It is a policy that provides you with indemnity & financial protection for loss of or damage to your cargo during transit. This constitutes of goods in transit by Sea, air and land as provided in the Institute Cargo Clause, It is ideal for Importers/exporters, Logistic companies on behalf of their customers, Freight forwarders on behalf of their customers manufacturers, other buyers and sellers engaged in international and/or local trade.
Product liability insurance protects companies in the event that the products they have manufactured injure someone or cause property damage. In the case of lawsuits, product liability insurance protects a business financially due to claims or product defects. If you manufacture products to sell to the public it is a good idea to get product liability insurance so you can avoid unpleasant situations like a lawsuit that could possibly put you into bankruptcy or cause you to go out of business.

Product liability insurance policies go a long way in giving you the security you need as a business to produce products that are useful and valuable to your customers. However, you need to be aware of the implications arising from producing your products once they get into the hands of the consumers that will purchase them.

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