Medical Insurance

Medical insurance protects one from the high cost of receiving preventive medical care and emergency medical services. This policy can be taken to cover the entire family. Normally in UAE, policies for individuals are standard with built-in benefits, mainly designed to cover the costs of serious injuries or illnesses. Usually insurance companies require an evidence of good health before issuing the policy. Having a Medical Insurance is important as it provides protection against financial contingencies in the event of medical emergencies, normal illness or accident related treatment. Cover is available for both In Patient as well as Out Patient treatments.

We can help to find the best possible options with which to provide you with comprehensive health insurance protection within the Middle East and around the world. We offer advice on plans for Individuals Custom-made with a single person in mind. Individual UAE health insurance plans are flexible, allowing you to include or exclude coverage options depending on your situation or budget. Premiums are based on the policyholder's age and area of cover, and can be adjusted to include additional benefits as you grow older. This allows individuals to be covered for life even in the unfortunate event that a serious medical condition or injury occurs. Family health insurance plans are a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones from medical costs around the world. Family health insurance can offer benefits such as Maternity coverage and New Born Child protection, ensuring that your family is protected in any eventuality. In many cases we can offer attractive benefits for providing coverage specifically to children enrolled in policies of this type.

We at Avon, assist you with acquiring the most optimum coverage for Medical Insurance to keep you guarded against those unpredictable moments in life.

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