Savings and Investments

Typically an employer-sponsored group policy is term life insurance, which covers you for as long as you're working for the employer. The coverage ends when you leave the company. Your next employer might not offer the benefit.

Your group life insurance benefits can also end if the employer decides to terminate the policy for everyone in order to cut costs.

Another reason not to rely solely on employer-sponsored group life is the small coverage amount. Typically the death benefit is one or two times your annual salary -- not enough to cover a family's long-term financial needs.

Individual Savings Plans

Planning for your future can be both exciting and daunting and needs careful consideration. Whether saving for a child's education, arranging a wedding or planning for your retirement, Avon offers tax-efficient, simple and flexible savings programs that can evolve as your personal circumstances change. Personal financial planning is the responsible approach to saving and Avon can help with saving using -

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