Avon has a specialist team that designs innovative solutions and products for banks. These products are first time ever and add value to the banks customers. Avon's proprietary solutions are break through products that offer customers with insurance solutions at a fraction of the rate.

Avon's banc assurance services include the following:

  1. Designing insurance products and solutions
  2. Feasibility study for banc assurance programs
  3. Managing and administering banc assurance schemes
  4. Back office management
  5. Claims handling and assistance
  6. Training and development for banc assurance consultants
  7. Tendering for banc assurance schemes
  8. Reinsurance placement for banc assurance schemes
  9. Designing Sharia compliant and Banca Takaful programs
  10. Product Enhancements for existing programs
  11. Advising Life insurance and Annuities products for private banking clients
Avon has a strategic partnership with some of the biggest banks in the region to distribute its proprietary products. Our banc assurance practice has the experience and knowledge of creating banc assurance programs that create situations of mutual benefit for the bank as well as the customer.

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