Risk Profiling

The immediate response after a preliminary assessment of risks which could be unacceptable, severe, material or controlled, organizations generally consider acceptance, avoidance, control or transfer, or a combination of these methods, and insurance remains a key risk transfer tool to most and risk retention to others.

Usually a "ready-made" insurance product is purchased which does not comprehend specific underlying risks and as such may not achieve an ideal risk transfer. Even if the product fits well initially, the challenge is to ensure that changes in the organization's risk profile feed into the product design and selection. To achieve this, Avon Insurance Brokers L.L.C. will conduct a thorough process of risk analysis in order to determine key risks, understand their financial impact, and determine the limits required to be covered by insurance. Superior ability for 'insurable' risk to be sold to insurance markets in the best possible light by demonstrating that a sophisticated approach has been taken in its identification and analysis.

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