Trade Credit

Trade Credit Insurance covers the insolvency of the buyer and delayed payment, which is the failure to pay within a set number of days from the due date (normally 60–180 days) and is known as protracted default. Political risk involves non–payment under an export contract or project due to the actions or inactions of a buyer's government. These risks may include currency inconvertibility; transfer of payment; war and civil disturbance; confiscation, expropriation and nationalization.

We at Avon Insurance Brokers are proud to have ample experience in arranging Trade Credit Insurance for our clients in UAE with reputable and trustworthy Credit Insurers. When buying Trade Credit Insurance the intention of our clients most of the time differ as per their vision and expectations. It could be one or several of the following:

  • Protection against bad debts
  • Financing
  • Balance sheet protection
  • Corporate governance
  • New markets
  • Debt collection
  • Information and screening of clients
  • Avoidance of internal conflicts
  • Reduction of the fixed overheads
  • Relax existing credit conditions
  • Receivable Management

We advise the client on the right type of credit insurance to make the proposition commercially feasible and to help the client create a safety net for business expansion.

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